Welcome to Shiloh Baptist Church! Resurrection Village! Where it's not over till God says it's over! Life as we know it can be difficult and it seems at times that the enemy has gotten the best of you. But we believe that we serve a mighty God that cannot and will not lose! Just as God raised Jesus from the dead, you too can be brought out of dead situation! Please come and share with us and see for yourself how God has made a way out of no way. If He did it for us, surely He can do it for you!


Sunday Morning Worship
  Sunday, 11:00 am
Church School
  Sunday, 9:30 am
Children's Church
  1st Saturday, 9:00 am

  1st Sunday
  1st Sunday, 10:45 am
Bible Study
  Wednesday, 7:00 pm
Youth Bible Study
  Wednesday, 7:00 pm